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As my client base has expanded I have found that alot of people are not happy with their current web space provider for a number of reasons, let it be monetary, website downtime or not getting a personal service if you have questions or problems. If this is the case and you wish to move, I guarantee to be cheaper than your existing host plus the changeover can be done seamlessly by Tinterweb Site Design.

So basically, everything can be done for you remotely to facilitate the changeover once some basic information has been gathered.

If you require new or more email addresses at no extra cost we are more than happy to oblige also.

To receive more information on what's involved please send an email or use the contact page

internet hosting provider ireland

web hosting serviceHosting or "web hosting" is a term used to describe the place on a server (big computer!) where all the files of your website are stored so that your web site can be viewed over the internet. Imagine that a server is a tower block of flats and that you were renting one of them (disk space). Your website is stored in one of those flats, so depending on how big your site is, determines how much space you need.
cheap website hosting in irelandOur servers are of a new breed, very green and eco friendly hence alot cheaper to run than older models. I then pass on these savings to you, and that's how I remain one of the cheapest and most reliable web hosting providers in the country. Support is available 24/7. 100% uptime (obviously excludes planned outages of 4x1 hours p.a for upgrades and general server maintenance).

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Website management or website maintenance is absolutely essential in order to keep your website fresh, up to date and more importantly, showcase your current product line or services. It is imperitave that your website is updated regulary and this is where Tinterweb Site Design can help. Whether your website needs an occasional update (once a month or bi-monthly) or very regular maintenance (once a week or more) all that is required from you is the necessary information through email or phone and the update will be done the same day. This service has proved a big hit with my customers and for further information on how your website/company will benefit for a neglible fee please contact me.