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  My name is Paul. I am a freelance website designer/developer based in Cavan, Ireland.

Being freelance has many advantages, all of which benefits my clients. I don't have any staff and all work can be done in house which straight away saves you money. Plus after a consultation we can get to work right away.

I use the latest in web design software and to date I have built up a very impressive portfolio.(see some examples here)

My clients come from all walks of life and all types of business acumen. I take on each project as an individual and tailor each design and build specifically to the nature of the business. Whether you are in the hospitality trade or in the external insulation / building trade, each of my designs are built from the ground up with sales and targeted optimisation in mind all the time, hence my clientele get the results in revenue or sales leads.

My costs versus time in relation to the design specifications are the most competitive in Ireland plus every aspect of your web project can be catered for from concept to completion. I think the most important thing is that I love my job. I get a buzz out of taking a concept, running with it and then delivering a product with positive feedback always. This is clear to be seen in my completed projects and in the results my work delivers. Please feel free to browse through my work in the portfolio section and I am happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to what I can do for your business niche online, or perhaps you would like a free no obligation quotation.

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So, what are the benefits of a website redesign? Obviously first impressions are essential when your business is online. You only have a couple of seconds to hook a potential customer and keep them on your site.

The first hook is visual appeal, so, does your site look good?. Does it look as good as your competitors website?. Is it easy to navigate around your site? Does your pages or graphics load quickly?. Does your site do well in the search engine rankings?.


If the answer is "No" to any of these questions it maybe time for you to consider a redesign. What's involved? Well that depends on the current state of your website and what is needed in order for the site to perform optimally. But having said that, its never a major operation but every site is different but I guarantee your website will perform better once it gets the redesign overhaul it needs.

Redesigning or upgrading your current website is not a major operation. It is vitally important to you and your costumers that your website delivers the current and correct information about your product or service.

Your website should grow with your product line, so that your clients and customers has up to date and accessible information about all of your services, not just ones you had some time ago when your web site was first built. Maybe you feel your competitors are taking over your target market because your site is a little outdated and in need of attention.

If this is the case, primarily the result is you and your business are being left behind by your competitors.. which ultimately costs you money. I can upgrade your website to reflect and showcase your current business or we can do a complete overhaul on your current website. Whatever is necessary for you to make a return on your investment in my services, I guarantee this will be done.

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Your website needs to be called something (http://www...?) so we throw that in free for one year.

hosting title
Your website is hosted and put on the internet free of charge for one year, once that year is up you can renew your hosting plan with us for the appropriate fee.

email address setup irelandUnlimited means exactly that so whether you need 5 or 50 mailboxes, it doesn't matter.

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In order for your website to perform well it must be tuned so the search engines can see the site, hence your business is seen by the people who are searching for your product on the first pages of e.g. Google, Yahoo or Msn.

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This goes without saying but I will maintain and update your site free of charge for a period of one year. All that ia required is that you email me with the appropriate details and I will take care of everything for you on the same day.

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Please feel free to fill out the appropriate information below to obtain a free no obligation quotation. Normally it does require a follow up phone call so please fill in all the fields below to give an accurate assessment.





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The "recession" has well and truly taken hold now, not only for new businesses's starting up especially, but also for existing well established companies who find themselves in a completely "catch 22" position at present. As the old saying goes "it takes money to make money".. and yes this is very true in a sense.
In times gone by, business was very easy to come by in comparison to today's economic situation. The customer/consumer interest was there, the money was pretty much, readily available and consequently sales were made and products were sold.

Well even in today's economic situation your customer base is still there, as they were 3-5 years ago. The only difference is however is that they are seeking the best deal. They are looking for products/companies that can simply keep their costs down. The problem that every business, home maker, big or medium sized enterprise has, is simply - cash flow.

As stated above, and by no means flippantly the catch 22 is, that it is essential to invest in yourself online in effect to create new business. In order to capture and capitalise on that new business you need to have your company in a position online where potential customers choose your company and not your competitors. The Internet offers a wealth of opportunity once the right tools are employed for your business, and this is where Tinterweb Site Design can help.

In order for Ireland to get out of the sticky hole we are in, it is essential we all need to take a step back and look after our own in a word. I'm so confident that my services will increase your sales/profit margin, not only through targeted optimisation behind the scenes, but simply from a dedicated - get results work ethic on my part through my designs, which I'm happy to say always delivers, hence I'm happy to offer a finance/installments option to my clients.

Cash flow is a problem, and in order to create cash flow you need to generate business, and in order to generate business you need to have a fully functioning website which costs money.. cash flow - catch 22. We are currently working with several businesses on a pay by installments monthly basis to great effect on both our parts. It simply takes the pressure off you, plus you can be confident that this simple step forward will hopefully bring your business out of recession and, in a sense ahead of your competition.

If you feel that this service would benefit your business also, simply call me on the number below for a chat and we can come to some arrangement that we can move forward with that suits you, and then get your business moving in the right direction.

Don't let cash flow be the problem as the solution is simply staring you in the face because you have just read this piece.

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