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So, are you looking to get a website built? Done some research and been bamboozled with a lot of technical jargon and not sure what kind of website you need for your business but know you need something?
Well search no more!

We offer a full range of web/Internet services for your business, from new start up companies to large multi-nationals we design and build websites that work for you. From complex E commerce solutions to simple brochure websites and much more! We build websites with particular focus on the end user and attention to detail. We love our work and what we do so all our websites are designed with the intention to impress. Thankfully we always succeed in delivering a product which exceeds our customers customer expectations.

Take a sneak peak at our website options on the right to choose the fit for you and your business or project.

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Which Type Of Website Do You Need?

broucher website design cavan ireland

Brochure Websites That Work!
A brochure website simply is a showcase of what you or your business does, how people can get in touch with you, and a method for visitors to interact. Nothing terribly complicated right? However so many companies get brochure websites wrong. A brochure website should deliver three core objectives easily and quickly -

1 - Who are you?
2 - What You Do?
3 - How much is your service or can you service my particular need?
Apart from looking great and functioning immaculately your website has to be heads and shoulders above your competition. You know you business through and through, but your website visitors do not know you at all. Within the first couple of seconds from landing on your website, they need to have a totally clear idea of what your business is all about, whand your site has to convey that you are indeed the only person / business you want be found for on Google.

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CMS - Content Management System
A Content Managed website is a website which enables you (or anyone else with the login details) the ability to edit or update your website with text and pictures. Thats basically all a CMS is - there are however alot of different options to choose from, such as Word press, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete 5 and a whole host of other CMS platforms.

It is very important to ascertain whether your particular website project requires a CMS, alot of other web design companies will push a CMS onto the end user but we like to make sure that it is absolutely necessary for the betterment and scalability of your business before we go down that road, 1 - Are you going to need to update your website say once a week?
2 - Once a month?
3 - Less often?
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e Commerce Web Design Solutions

e Commerce and buying and selling Online is now the norm, however, having the right recommended platform of solution is absolutely essential in order for you to trade successfully online ahead of your competitors.
Which type of platform? There are literally dozens to choose from - Magento, Prestashop, Jigo Shop, Shopify, Big Commerece and so on.
What determins which playform is right for you simply depends on the scale your business is at presently - but more importantly what growth you wish to achive into the future!
We are experts in the eCommerece field so rest assured that the right solution will be tailored exactly to your business.

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Responsive Website Design
Web Design, Websites & the Development of new more interactive and fun designs and layouts has exponentially increased in the last number of years. With the advent of the Smart Phone, I phone, tablets and a whole host of other personal devices our internet habits have become more Dependant, more relied upon.
To try and design a website and cater for every type of device would be pretty difficult, so with Responsive Web Design using the latest in HTML5 & CSS3 fluid grid layouts, we are able to suit every possible device on which your website is being viewed on . Your website will automatically detect and respond to the users behavior and orientation to automatically adjust to and deliver the content in the most efficient and user friendly way possible.
As an example, this website, yes the one you are on now is a Responsive Design ☺

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